Winter Parking Ban Notice November 15, 2018-April 15, 2019

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Pursuant to 24 VSA §1972, the Warren Select Board wishes to notify residents and

visitors of the town of parking restrictions set forth in the Town of Warren Parking and

Traffic Ordinance, Title II, Section II. These restrictions become especially important

during WINTER weather when snow plows must be able to operate to maintain general

and emergency traffic circulation.  Starting November 15, 2018-April 15, 2019.

  • Parking prohibited.

All parking of motor vehicles or other conveyances is prohibited between

the hours of 12 o’clock midnight and 7 o’clock a.m. in the following locations:

(1) On both sides of Town Highway (TH) #16 (West Hill Road) from its intersection with Route 100 to its intersection with TH #46 opposite the LaRock Property.

(2) On both sides of TH #4 (Main Street) between its north and south

intersections with Route 100, except for an area on the east side of

Main Street running from the northern lot line of the so-called Pitcher Inn

Property to a point fifteen (15) feet northerly of Bridge #32 (known as “the

cement bridge”) located on Main Street in the center of Warren Village.

(3) On both sides of TH #1 (Brook Road) from its intersection with Main

Street to its intersection with TH #22 (Freeman Road—formerly known

as the Dump Road).


(B) Removal of vehicles parked in violation.

Any motor vehicles or other conveyances parked on the streets and public

property of the Town of Warren in violation of Title II, Section II (a) may be

removed forthwith upon order of a law enforcement officer or official of the

fire department who finds such action necessary for public safety or upon order

of an official of the highway department who find it necessary for the proper

plowing, maintenance or repair of said street or when water mains or pipes

under said street require immediate removal of a conveyance. All cost of said

removal and any expense incurred securing the conveyance shall be charged

against its owner or the person responsible for that conveyance at the time

removal is ordered. The conveyance shall not be released until all such costs

have been paid.


(C) Removal of vehicles parked without authorization.

Whenever any motor vehicle or conveyance shall impede access to any public or

private property within the Town of Warren, or be parked there without

authorization of the owner or other person entitled to its use or possession,

any police officer may order its removal. The owner of such vehicle shall pay

any reasonable towing and storage charges, which charges shall be a lien on

said vehicle.

(D) Stopping or parking on curb, hill, or highway.

Any motor vehicle or other conveyance parked or stopped on the streets or roads

of the Town of Warren in violation of 23 V.S.A. §1101 or other applicable

sections of Vermont Statutes Annotated may be removed under the same

conditions as those described in (B) above.


The full text of the Parking and Traffic Ordinance is available for review at the Warren

Town Clerk’s Office.



Andrew Cunningham, Chairman