Vital Records

The original birth and death records are filed in the town or city where the event took place. It is a practice in Vermont that when a birth or death happens in another town in Vermont, you Town of residency will be provided with a copy of this record to keep on file. Marriage certificates are filed in the office where the license was applied for not the Town where the actual wedding took place. Certified copies of these documents are available upon request for a fee of $10.00. Copies can be obtained by contacting the Town Clerk at 802-496-2709.

Civil Marriage Licenses

Effective July 1, 2022, if you are getting married in Vermont, you may obtain a marriage license from any Vermont town/city clerk; there’s no longer a requirement for Vermont residents to go to the Clerk’s office in the town where they reside.

You will need to complete a Marriage Application and bring to the Town Clerk’s Office. We ask that the Marriage License Application be prepared ahead of time if possible, a completed form can be emailed to for review. The cost of the license is $80.00 and an additional $10.00 of you would like a certified copy of the final Marriage Certificate.

The Vermont Secretary of State’s Office is pleased to announce a new online Temporary Officiant Registration Portal. Users can navigate to the portal by clicking the “Temporary Officiant” link.

The new portal provided applicants with 24/7 online registration service. the full application process my be completed online, or application can be printed and mailed. the portal provides additional pertinent information and links for temporary officiants, including a guide to completing the Vermont Department of Health Civil Marriage Certificate.

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