The history of Warren is similar to many upland Vermont towns with early development focused on agriculture, timber cutting, and small water-powered industry. The Mad River Valley has several such towns but Warren had the most developed mill economy. The town was charted in 1789 to John Throop and 67 associates. It was enlarged in 1824 by adding a portion of Lincoln for a total of 27,390 acres.  The first settlement was established by Samuel Laird and Seth Leavett in 1797.

The focus of the town was originally in what is now called East Warren where farming was the predominant activity. However,  in the early 1800’s the development of several mill sites on the Mad River near the center of town encouraged  greater settlement at that site and by the 1820’s the Village of Warren surpassed East Warren as the center of commerce.It was around that time as ell that the newer town center was more formally arranged around a village common and cemetery, established c. 1826. in c. 1830, the first schoolhouse was constructed in brick and later, c 1867 replaced by the frame building still extant. The church/meetinghouse was built in 1838-39 and originally served the Baptists, Universalists, Methodist and Congregationalists. A town Hall was added in 1872.   In the Warren Library there are books of photo’s taken by “Kit” Katherine Hartshorn depicting Warren as it started and its people of that era. Recently restored was the Blair Barn by members of Warren Historical Society depicting artifacts of the Warren and its history.

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A Gift of the Mountains – Lincoln Gap

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