FPF Election Notice

Registering to vote and voting in Warren

All registered voters in the State of Vermont will be mailed absentee ballots. Mailing will begin on September 21- October 1, 2020. If you do not receive a ballot in the mail please contact Reta Goss at 802-496-5224. The in person voting for the November 3, 2020 election will be held at the Warren Town Hall/Library at 413 Main Street from 7am-7pm. Voting is located in the basement via the stairs but a ground level elevator is available.

Once your ballot is marked you can either mail via USPS, deliver to the voting location on election day or we have two secure drop boxes located at the Warren Municipal Building. The first is located to the left of the front door and the second will be located on the accessible ramp to the left side of the building. The Town Clerk’s office will also be open from 9AM-4PM for in person drop offs.

The Warren Town meeting is held traditionally held on the first Tuesday of March and will be held at the Warren Elementary School which is located at 293 School Road. Polls are open from 7am-7pm. At this meeting budgets and reports are discussed and voted on from the floor. The polls are open from 7am-7pm for Australian ballot information which is usually locally elected officials and the Unified District School Budget.



General Election Warning and Sample Ballot