Attention Dog Owners

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Town of Warren

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Attention Dog Owners



The Town of Warren has a dog ordinance that all dogs must be on a leash when they are off your property, that includes on Town owned properties.     These include:  Riverside Park, Warren Recreation Fields, Qyales Bend Property, The Eaton Parcel, The Coates Parcel, East Warren School Common, the town garage, and the municipal complex.   Everyone enjoying these parcels, especially the Brooks Recreation Fields, like to use the facility for sports and do not appreciate stepping in dog poop.


In addition to disease, the organic matter and nutrients contained in pet waste can degrade water quality.  When pet waste is washed into a surface water body, the waste decays. This process of breaking down the organic matter in the waste uses up dissolved oxygen and releases ammonia. Low oxygen levels, increased ammonia and warm summer water temperatures can kill fish.    Managing pet waste properly is something that everyone can do to make a difference in their respective watersheds.


The quickest, easiest way to get rid of dog’s poop is to put it in a plastic bag and either drop the bag in a trash can or take it with you.   You as a dog owner are responsible for their waste.


There are two keys to effective bagging:   for the tiniest dogs, a sandwich-sized bag or small bag just isn’t big enough to pick up poop. It its far better to choose a larger size, such as and empty bread bag or the plastic bag that your morning newspaper was delivered in.  Both these types of bags also carry a second advantage:  They’re oblong, which greatly eases your ability to get the poop into the bags instead of on yourself. You can also carry a small bucket with a scoop and scoop it in the bucket and take it back to your home and dispose of it properly.


After you have a large enough bag, its easy to gather up the poop.  Here’s how:

  1. Pull the plastic bag over one hand like a glove.
  2. Pick up the poop with your bagged hand.
  3. With your other hand, grasp the open end of the bag and pull the bag inside out. The poop will now be inside the bag.
  4. Knot the bag and drop it in the nearest trash, if a trash can is not available TAKE IT WITH YOU. Do not leave the bag of poop on the property.


The Town of Warren requests its Dog Owners to responsibility take care of your dog’s waste out of the respect and courtesy of the environment, the watershed, your neighbors, friends and visiting tourists.  With everyone doing their part, it keeps our trails and town owned properties open for recreational enjoyment.