The Select Board is the local legislative body of the Town. As such they enact ordinances, adopt policies to provide guidance in the administration of local government, authorize the expenditure of all town money, approve the general fund budget for consideration by the voters at Town Meeting and set the tax rate, serve as sewer commissioners, appoint members of boards and commissions,  and lay out, reclassify, and open local highways for public travel.

The Warren Select Board Meetings are schedule for the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month.   If you would like to be on the Select Board Agenda for any reason, please contact Cindi Jones, Town Administrator.

Latest Documents

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Selectboard Agenda for 03/26/2020 View
Draft Minutes of Selectboard Emergency Meeting 3/19/2020 View
Selectboard Agenda 03.10/2020 View
Selectboard Minutes for 03/10/2020 View
Town Meeting 2020 Minutes View
Selectboard Agenda 02/25/2020 View
Selectboard Minutes of 02/25/2020 View
Selectboard Meeting February 11, 2020 View
Selectboard Minutes February 11, 2020 View
Selectboard Meeting 1/21/2020 View
Capital Budget Hearing/Documents 01/21/2020 View
Selectboard Meeting 1/21/2020 View
Selectboard Minutes of 01/21/2020 View
Selectboard Agenda 12/30/2019 View
Selectboard Agenda for 12/17/2019 View
Selectboard Minutes of 12/17/2019 View
Selectboard Agenda 12/10/2019 View
Selectboard Minutes of 12/10/2019 View
Selectboard Agenda for 12/3/2019 View
Selectboard Minutes of 12/3/2019 View

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