Land Use and Development Regulations:

Amended and Adopted March 25, 2008; Effective April 15, 2008

Explanation of Amendment: The primary focus of the amendments is the requirement to modify these bylaws to meet the National Flood Insurance Program requirements. NFIP has released drafts of the flood hazard maps and they will be finalized shortly at the end of the comment period. Once the maps are final, the Town’s flood hazard bylaws must meet the NFIP requirements in order for the Town to remain in the flood insurance program, which is critical.

In addition, this is an appropriate time to implement other changes to the bylaws that are largely administrative in nature and consist of the following:

1. Adding narrative descriptions of all the Zoning Districts. This was omitted as an oversight when last major revision to the bylaws was completed in 2001. Having narrative descriptions will help provide the necessary precision to complement the Official Zoning Map.

2. Adding a new Administrative Review process which should speed the review of minor amendments to previously approved conditional use permits and subdivision plans by allowing them to be approved by the Town’s Administrative Officer, rather than requiring a full Development Review Board hearing, thus saving time and money. Adequate procedures and guidelines are provided for informing the public and DRB in advance and allowing them to request a full DRB hearing instead.

3. Adding a requirement for subdivision applicants to file a digital copy (in addition to the Mylar and paper copies) in a format that is compatible with the Town’s digital parcel mapping system in order to enhance and best utilize that system.

4. Clarifying the standards, required submissions, and related definitions for development on steep slopes. This is in response to comments from the DRB about the lack of precision in certain areas of the bylaws that has created confusion.

Purpose: The purpose of proposed amendments is to: 1) conform the bylaws to the National Flood Insurance Program requirements and 2) make other largely administrative changes to improve the understanding of the bylaws, and improve the review process.

These amendments are largely administrative rather than substantive in nature and the Warren Planning Commission has determined that the proposed amendments are in conformance with the Warren Town Plan (as conformance is defined in 24 V.S.A. §4303) in that:

1. They are consistent with the goals and policies of the Warren Town Plan.

2. The proposed amendments are compatible with proposed densities and land uses in the Plan, as provided in Sections 3 and 10 of the Plan.

3. The proposed amendments do not include any new or revised standards for community facilities, and therefore will not affect any specific proposals for community facilities or other proposed actions contained in the Plan.

By the Warren Planning Commission:
Mike Ketchel, Chair
John Donaldson, Vice Chair
John Goss
Don LaHaye
Lisa Miserendino
Jim Sanford

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Table of Contents

Article 1: Authority and Purpose

Article 2: Zoning Districts and District Standards

Article 3: General Regulations

Article 4: Specific Use Standards

Article 5: Development Review

Article 6: Subdivision Review

Article 7: Subdivision Standards

Article 8: Planned Residential and Planned Unit Development

Article 9: Administration and Enforcement

Article 10: Definitions
Appendix: Narrative Description Of Zoning District Boundaries


For further Town of Warren zoning and subdivision information please contact:

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Town of Warren
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