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Members: Peter, Bob, Chris, Lenord, Virginia, Jeff, Don, and Tom


March 15th, 2015

1. 2015-16-SD, Rehearing 2006-01-SD: Application #2006-01-SD submitted by Carol Thompson looks to subdivide an existing 2.4 +/acre parcel located at 72 Middle Pines Road. (Parcel id # 005001-800) The property is in the Rural Residential District and the resulting lots will be 1.3 acres and 1.10 acres. Application requires review under Article 6, (§6.3) Preliminary Plan Review, Article 7, Subdivision Standards. Rehearing is scheduled due to the late filing date for the required plat.


2. 2015-15-PUD, An amendment to 2011-15-PUD: Summit Ventures NE, LLC (Applicant) seeks approval for the second phase of the Lincoln Peak Base Area Redevelopment Phase II Master Plan project. This next phase, called Phase IIB – Gadd Brook Residences, will be located within the Lincoln Peak Village

Thee Phase II Master Plan site encompasses lands bounded by the Sugarbush Resort Lincoln Peak Base Area to the south and Rice Brook to the north, Village Road to the east and the US Forest Service boundary to the west and is located in the Sugarbush Village Commercial (SVC) zoning district in the Town of Warren.

The Master Plan project consists of six building sites with a mix of condominium style and mixed-use buildings. The proposed buildings will house approximately 93 residential units. Underground parking will be provided for all new buildings. Surface parking and access drives will be shared with the Lincoln Peak Base Area and adjoining Sugarbush Village. Strong pedestrian connections are proposed between the existing base area and the Sugarbush Village. Additional project components include the completion of the Gadd Brook restoration (formerly Hotel Brook); the construction of stormwater, water supply, wastewater and utility infrastructure; Village Double chair lift relocation and replacement, improvements in skier traffic management at the approach to the Village Double; improvements to beginner skier terrain and children’s ski school terrain; and the creation of eight new parcels to accommodate the proposed new buildings, master association and reconfigured Sugarbush Village parking lot. Building sites and associated site improvements will be constructed in phases over several years