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Warren Development Review Board CONDITIONAL USE DECISIONS 2011

Summit Ventures NE, LLC (d/b/a/ Sugarbush Resort),
250012-000, 102 Forest Dr. 2011-01-CU
Terrence & Hillary O' Bryan
Applicant requested an adjustment to the previously approved development envelope in the Meadowland Overlay area on the property located in the Rural Residential and Meadowland Overlay Districts.
The existing development envelope was approved by the Warren Development Review Board on December 3, 2008, #2008-11-CU.
023007-400 914 Senor Road 2011-02-CU
Tobias T Danforth & Alison Alden, Trustees
Applicants request approval to construct an Accessory Structure (Garage) on a 4.0 ± acre parcel at Rural Residential District and requires conditional use review due to residential development involving slopes greater than 15%.
001009-200, 353 Old Roxbury
Drumleys Association & Pennmont LLP (dlbla Common Man),
Applicants request variance approval to locate two 5000 gallon water reservoir tanks within the setback, of their common boundary, a distance of 10.6 Feet. The placement of the tanks is an integral part of an entire system upgrade,
including improvements to the existing control building (interior and roof maintenance)
;changes to the chlorine delivery system; plumbing and tank modifications to increase chemical contact time and reduce short·circuiting" of flows within the tank; and the addition of raw water flow meters for each well serving the system.
#006002-100, 3209 German Flats Rd. 2011-04-VR
Edward J Jr & Constance Medico
Variance request for relief from the Steep Slopes provision of the Warren Land Use and Development Regulations
006004-300, Off German Flats Rd 2011-05-VR/CU
Alta Enterprises, Inc.,
Applicant requests permission to modify a previously issued conditional use permit for Mixed Use. The applicant proposes to discontinue the personal services and to substitute the use, Artist Studio.
The applicant proposes to discontinue the personal services and to substitute the use, Artist Studio. They will maintain the retail use and residential apartment. (REVISON TO #201 0-15-cu)
001000-200, 247 Main Street, 2011-06-CU
John Hall of Hall Properties, Inc
Applicant requests permission to construct a development road to a single family dwelling. The first 110+/- feet of the proposed driveway is located in the Meadowland Overlay District.
028000-300, Off Plunkton Rd 2011·07·CU
John D O'Neill,
Applicant requests permission to allow an accessory dwelling, a selfcontained
camper trailer, to be situated on his property for more than 30 days.
0010015,13 Luce Pierce Rd 2011·08·CU
SUmmit Ventures NE, LLC Applicant seeks administrative review to relocate the beginner portions of the existing mountain bike terrain park features to a new location adjacent to the Sugarbush Village Lot. This will be reviewed as an amendment to their
Conditional Use Permit, issued by the ORB on June 20'h, 2007 (SUMMIT VENTURES NE
LLC #2007-04-CU)
250010, Sugarbush Village Rd 2011-09-CU-AR
Travis L. Morse Applicant requests permission to construct an accessory structure, a bridge 80' long and 10' wide across the Mad River to connect two sections of his property. parcel Id# 100006-200, 4690 VT RTE 100 2011-11-CU
Richard W & Laura Anne Beaudoin Applicant requests permission to construct a screened porch and deck as an addition to their single family dwelling. The applicants also request the
maximum setback relief fro the South-western boundary of the property.
parcel Id# 001012-900,1682 Roxbury Mtn. Rd 2011-12-CU
Penmont LLC
Request a determination from the Development Review Board that an apartment housed within the restaurant is a pre-existing nonconforming use. parcel id # 006002-100, 3209 German Flats Road ( 2011-13-CU Minutes