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Warren Development Review Board CONDITIONAL USE DeCISIONS 2010

Wayne D. Mackie
Construct SFD & Detached barn 500 Burnt Mountain Road in the Forest Reserve 001011-740 & 002001-901 2009-09-CU
Town of Warren setback relief of approximately 28' from a stream in order to accommodate thirty-two foot (32') Trailer 001002-300 2009-12-CU
Scott Beaudin and Robert & Carol Ackland Applicants request permission to construct a driveway over steep slopes 016005-101 2010-02-CU
Vermont RSA Limited Partnership and Cellco Partnership d/b/a Verizon Wireless, & Summit Ventures 105' high telecommunications(cell) tower 250020-000 2010·04·CU
Warren Cemetery Commission & Town of Warren Expand the development of cemetery plots 001001-100 2010-05-CU
Madriver Path Association, Town of Warren & Carr Construct a Footbridge over Clay Brook 1000007 & 100001301 2010·06·CU
John & Shelley M. Davis, Reestablish the notice decision of a conditional use permit, 2006-01-CU. 005006-700 2010·07·CU
Michael J & Elise B Black Construct a SFD and a detached garage with an accessory dwelling 210021·000 2010·08·CU
MACLAREN HOLDINGS LLC dba WEST HILL HOUSE Applicants request permission to alter condition nine (9) of the Findings of Fact & Notice of Decision-Kyle #2006-05-CU. This project is
located at 1496 West Hill Rd in the Rural Residential District.
016003-500 2010-10-CU
Katy and Erik Brandvold Applicants requested setback relief in order to maximize the potential views(Lot 1 Hidden Brook Subdivision) 001003-102-1 2010·12·CU
Andrew Newton Applicant requests permission to construct a garage with an accessory dwelling at 168 Lower Pines Road in the Rural Residential District 005001·801 2010·13·CU
Wendy A Cox, Applicant requests permission for front yard setbackl relief of 6 feet from Buck Road for a residential garage. 417042-000 2010·14·CU
ALTA ENTERPRISES, INC The Applicant requests permission for Mixed Use to modify a previously issued conditional use permit for a salon, day spa and related retail sales 001000-200 2010·15·CU
Summit Ventures of NE, LLC (db1'l'Sugarbush Golf Club),SUGARBUSH GOLF COURSE - TENT SITE The Applicant requests permission for a permanent tent site 100' long and 70' wide below the 7th tee at the Sugarbush Golf Course. The project location is at 1091 Golf Course Road on a 175.5± acre parcel in the Rural Residential District 053001-200 2010·11·CU
Timothy D & Patricia D. Clewey Applicants request permission to construct a residential addition on steep slopes
of 15% or their existing single family dwelling at 109 East Drive, on a .6 ± acre parcel in the Sugarbush Village Residential District
210011-000 2010·16·CU
Applicant, Benjamin Plewal & Owners, Gary J & Frances G. Plewak, Applicants request permission to construct a driveway includes development on slopes exceeding 15% and the proposed residential structure requires setback relief
form a stream on the property, 865 West Hill Rd in the Rural Residential District,
016002-000 2010·17·CU